Enterprise Green Communities Criteria - ‘Resident Health & Well-being’

GHP partnered with Enterprise Community Partners, one of the largest community development financial institutions in the U.S., to implement aspects of the health process as required elements in the 2015 Enterprise Green Communities Criteria for affordable housing development (see Green Communities Criteria 1.2a and 1.2b). 

As of Spring 2018, >200 affordable housing projects have used these health criteria within the Green Communities certification framework.  In addition, Enterprise also used the new criteria as the basis for a grant award from the Health Impact Project, a collaboration of RWJF and the Pew Charitable Trusts, to provide technical assistance to project teams incorporating formal health assessments in their work for the first time. 

  • Collaborated to launch Enterprise Green Communities 2015’s new Health Criterion
  • Established a mandatory criterion to guide project teams through the consideration of health-focused strategies
  • Built a process to monitor, evaluate, and create metrics for health in a place
  • Launched April 2015